Night Kitchen : SEE // STRAIGHT // THROUGH



SEE // STRAIGHT // THROUGH is a one-night-only salon of visual art and participatory performances that explores the sensation of clarity in body, mind, and spirit. How do we search for clarity? How do we explain it when we think we've found it? Is there a universal sense of lucidity, or do our experiences with clarity change amongst us and over time?

At the center of the event, the hands of 36 battery-operated clocks are aligned to spell the word TRUTH. Thirty-six participants start the clocks at once, and the word disappears and reappears every twelve hours. Soon after, strangers are invited to create a unique sonic happening by carefully playing poured wine glasses to make a sound that teeters on the brink of crystalline and cacophonous. Around the room reflective sculptures tilt, merge, and distort a dual view of the gallery and the natural world. Three embroidered masks obstruct the eyes and point to an internal wisdom, and three paintings on silk speak to an ongoing dialogue for understanding across space and time.

NIGHT KITCHEN is celebrating one year of DIY events devoted to visual art, sound, film, and performance. As viewers encounter works that speak to them, NIGHT KITCHEN encourages them to start a conversation.

Kristen Neville-Taylor,  San Diego Funeral

Kristen Neville-Taylor, San Diego Funeral