Roger Ricco : Paintings and Photography Opening Reception

  • Savery Gallery 319 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States

Roger Ricco: Paintings & Photography features work that spans from 2008 until today. Large scale paintings on canvas interspersed with digitally captured photographs line the walls of the main gallery and a collection of smaller photographs from his Eclipse series is displayed in the adjoining annex gallery.

Heavily influenced by nature, the subjects are: flora, rock, jungle, birds, grottoes, as well as geometry and celestial beings. The artist employs photographic reference images, movie stills, fabricated tabletop “sets” and manipulations of scale as starting points for his technical exploration.

Roger Ricco is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary artist working in painting, photography and video who is based in NY. He has won the Rome Prize in painting, worked with Irving Penn, and currently co-owns and operates Ricco-Maresca Gallery in New York City which represents the work of world-renowned Outsider Artists. He is a leading expert and multi-published author on Outsider Art.