NEW SIGHT Opening Reception

  • Savery Gallery 319 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States

Juried by Sarah McEneaney and Zoe Strauss

NEW SIGHT seeks to shed light on the role of the arts in changing communities especially in urban environments, and support the transformation of the Reading Viaduct/Rail Park. Sarah and Zoe selected a dynamic group of works which without directly referencing the Viaduct Rail Park, collectively speak to decay, re-birth and the materiality of the post industrial world and the personal neighborhoods that we live and work in. Each piece expresses a sense of space and place through varying means such as construction of found objects, watercolor depictions of trash or sculptures honoring what was once discarded. The show carries a message that beauty exists under our feet in places we have passed by many times, and have looked at before but have never really seen. And the show also emphasizes the truth that artists have an essential role in our cities - being most often the ones to see this beauty in the worn and broken first, and to translate that message to the world through their work and the cultivation of their environments.

Most of the artists represented in the show were new to the jurors; reinforcing the fact that the art community in Philadelphia is vital and continually growing.

Katie Dillon Low, Ej Herczyk, Michael Kuetemeyer, Joseph Opshinsky, Daniel Petraitis, Gerri Spilka, Sabina Tichindelaneau, Dot Vile, Joan Wadleigh Curran