TJ Ghose // MOUTH performing LyricalWars

  • Savery Gallery 319 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States

Inspired by On Kawara’s artistic documentation of time progression, lyricalwars by mouth, initiated on June 27, 2015, is an ongoing poetic response to sociopolitical events. Posted under the sign #mouth365 on facebook, the work tracks issues and clicks by engaging with facebook threads connected to major events. The piece in the show (titled "and yet") for instance, is a response to a photograph of a nameplate in the ruins of a torched house that belonged to Ahsan Jaffrey, a muslim elected member of parliament who was one of thousands murdered by a mob of fundamentalist hindus in a riot orchestrated by the current prime minister of India, Narendra Modi. Mr. Jaffrey's daughter, Nishrin posted the photograph on the day the Supreme Court of India passed judgement on the men indicted in that killing. 

Drawing on techniques established by the futurists,  lyricalwars injects the technologies and aesthetics of social media into the poetics of the written word, blurring the boundaries between the spoken and the read, the poet and the audience, and the the poem and the performance. 

SAVERY, with Curator Marc Blumthal, is proud to present this performance along with Ghose's work "and yet" (from of the lyricalwars project) as part of THEY, on view September 15 through October 28.