WIDE EYED : Nicole Dyer & Dave Eassa Opening Reception

  • SAVERY Gallery 319 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States

SAVERY Gallery is thrilled to present a Two-Person Exhibition opening in February 2016. WIDE EYED is an up close and personal exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Baltimore Artists Nicole Dyer and Dave Eassa.

WIDE EYED catalogues the trials and nuances of waking up every day to do the same damn thing; at times humorous, at times heart wrenching, but always relatable. With striking, highly developed personal visual languages, Nicole Dyer and Dave Eassa lay it on thick, posing questions and pouring out their feelings like paint into nakedly autobiographical bodies of work.

Visually the Artists are complementary but not identical. Their palettes are unexpected, painting skin in bruised purples and hot reds; for them color is often more emotional than representational. And each has a practice rooted in drawing, using line to starkly delineate their compositions. Dyer is bored by black and draws colorful lines directly onto the canvas with crayon or tempura stick, sometimes concealing the original drawing with acrylic, sometimes leaving it visible. Eassa sees line later, squeezing bright, raised beads of paint across his carefully planned canvases that lock their details into place. For each, the process is metaphorical; they are coloring inside the lines of their earlier choices. Just as the work is restrained by its own materials, the Artists are imprisoned in cages constructed by their own choices and actions. They feel trapped and they are struggling to get out, even if it means being a little bad.

All together, WIDE EYED is a tragicomedy between Dyer and Eassa. Both are reciting lines, directed through motions, playing the part of the stereotypical crisis of their own sex. Dyer is lovesick without direction, languishing in bad decisions in social life and love. Eassa is fascinated yet repelled by the constructs that surround us, both inflicted by social mores and self imposed, and which lead to the relentless question : “was this all worth it?” In the Artists’ explorations of their own dark sides they lean on one other for support, airing out their emotions and weird feelings to each other. But they are also jealous, stealing from the other what they each feel that they need; Dyer’s technically beautiful, controlled chaos finds a little more of Eassa’s clutter and indulgence just as Eassa benefits from Dyer’s calm within the storm. In WIDE EYED, Nicole Dyer and Dave Eassa have each made their own beautiful mess.