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"My current work started after thinking about Arthur Dove. Really, a feeling for it; work about shape, sound and color.

I always wanted to be an abstract expressionist, but could never find a way to keep up that pace. So I’ve searched for artists who use paint to slow the process down; Ryder, Dubuffet, Arnulf Rainer, Terry Winters. Like them, I use paint to slow down the picture, a process random and deliberate, to find strange ways for exploring nature.

This is a selection of paintings from over the past year. A limited number of motifs: a circle, be it a planet, a balloon, a hole — maybe a black one — or maybe just a circle... Some parts of the paintings move while others sit quietly. Stories about color, a dream, an artist renewed and explored. A painting is an expanse to make marks on — but only the ones that are necessary — just the right amount. Planned or spontaneous (hopefully both at the same time)."