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ROSS BRUBECK "is unafraid to be confrontational visually, and he often is – very intentionally so – in both his work and his person. Many of his photos and videos have manipulations and misconfigurations of the human body or even arrangements and animations of common objects that can make the viewer feel provoked instantly. He might raise more questions than answers, but he is asking some essential ones. His creative efforts are harmonized by his own stylistic consistencies, and Ross employs carefully constructed strokes of contradictory elements juxtaposed to complete visual phrases in trippy or dreamlike sequences, or sometimes purposefully leaves the phrase with only peripheral clues and a gaping rabbit hole for the viewer to chase into to try to complete the puzzles and finish the stories for themselves."

- Excerpt of introduction by Maggie Hayes to FREEDOM IS TEMPORARY, PARADIGM Magazine, March 11, 2015