JESSICA HANS's work stems from an interest in the naturally occurring pattern and texture of rock and earth. She specializes in functional sculpture that retains its sense of self by leaving exposed the bare, raw material on the surface of her vessels. Hans will often add foraged rocks and minerals into her clay body and glaze for a more visceral experience, as if the objects themselves literally emerged from the earth. Flashes of brightly colored glaze appear against a dark, neutral body, reminiscent of molten lava or a slime mold developing on a rocky surface. She regularly experiments with alternative firing techniques to further enhance her surfaces. Hans shows her work nationally and internationally and sells through shops world-wide. 

Jessica Hans is currently living and working as an artist in Philadelphia, PA. Hans received her BFA in Ceramics and Fiber Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011. She has exhibited nationally and internationally at venues such as Art Pop, Montreal, Quebec; Lowell Shop in Portland, Or; Creatures of Comfort in New York City; IKO IKO Space in Los Angeles; Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia; Penthouse Gallery in Baltimore; and Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.