Howler Monkey Sees Mary Magdalen’s Altruism and Emboldens her to Give to Herself and Express Loudly while Listening, Instructed by his Jungle Cry, oil on linen on panel, 15” x 20” 2016.


Madame Bonier de la Moson Luxuriates in the Protective Embodiment of Sun Bear; his Hibernation-Harnessed Fortitude Lends Her a Lack of Poise Needed to Play Diana the Huntress, oil on linen, 14" x 20" 2015.


Queen Isabella and Baby Elephant Listen Expansively in Quest for Wisdom on Self-Pampering in the Midst of Cultivating an Awareness of Portuguese Basic Needs, oil on panel, 14.5" x 20" 2015.


Lady Receives Guidance while Riding Liberation Generated Emotional Waves; Walrus’ Hug Ensures Endless Flow of Divine Love as Evidenced by Red Carnation; she Calculates her Stores of Affection, oil on panel, 16" x 20" 2014.


Sea Otter Shepherds Antea out of Heartbreak into Forward Motion; Ripples Carry Audacity of Choosing Lovers out through the Ages; Her Courage Expanded by that of Foremothers’ Elemental Challenges, oil on linen, 12.75" x 20" 2014.


Seal Flirts with Innocent Apple while Lady Mourns her Rigidity; Seal and Lady Are Bound Having Saved One Another in the North Sea, oil on panel, 17" x 20" 2014.


Anna French Reade Gains Perspective and Displays her Warmth in a Reassuring Cuddle with a Rothschild Giraffe, oil on linen, 16.75" x 20" 2014.


Bound and Protected by Blessbuck Couple Who Allow Her to be in Two Places at Once, Betty de Rothschild Serves as Shamanic Procurer of Power Animals and Hostess, on Safari, oil on linen, 14 3/4” x 20” 2014.


Spotted Hyena Brings Lightness, which Yields Resilience and Understanding, to Rachel Levy Seixas by Mimicking her Laughs and Cries, oil on linen, 16.75" x 20" 2014.


Mrs. Israel Mintz and Shark Protectors who Guard her Jewels and Remind her to Celebrate her Meanness, Wealth, and the Opportunities that it Affords her; Rows of Teeth Mimic Rows of Pearls and Fend off Guilt and Greedy Predators, oil on linen, 17 7/8" x 20" 2014.


Pirate-Eyed, Horned-Owled Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun, Portraitist for Marie Antionette, Portraying Herself, Inspired by Rubens, as Racily Open-Mouthed, Imbued with the Power of her Prey, Bluejay and Hare, Whom she/Owl has Consumed so she May Rise in the Night Sky for a Magical Flight and Better View of Future Prey, oil on line, 14 1/2” x 20” 2016.